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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

What's new in 2011? - Number 1

conspiracy for good

So in our first What's new for 2011 we thought we would go straight to eating. Thinking you still want more we came across the top ten trends that we should see in 2011 according to Leatherheads food research.


Reformulations and stealthy reductions. (Initiatives such as the removal of artificial additives and ingredients will continue into 2011).
Sustainability high on the agenda
Health and wellness
Riding out the recession

Ever-expanding tastes. (Cuisines from regions around the world).
Provenance. (British will be the core focus for consumers when demanding provenance).
Small indulgences ( Consumers to forgo large expenses in favour of 'treats' in inexpensive forms).
Frozen foods market beginning to thaw?
Less is more/convenience. (Consumers will continue to demand convenience to fit in with ever-busy lives).
Obesity to get bigger. (innovations within the ingredients sector will allow companies to explore the addition of fibres and proteins and their effects on satiety).

You can see a larger article here

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